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“When representing clients I am passionate about helping them find solutions to their important issues so they can reach an agreement during what is typically the most difficult time in their lives. Emotionally and financially, it is always preferable to resolve cases, but at the same time, I understand that in certain cases, it is necessary to go to court and have a judge make decisions about issues that simply cannot be agreed upon. When and if you are put in that position, I will vigorously and aggressively represent you and your interests.”

During Guy’s many years of practice, he has always prided himself on being able to settle most cases without causing damage to future relationships. He has an undergraduate degree in Finance and five years of work outside the practice of law in the corporate world. He understands and is comfortable dealing with complex financial issues that often arise in all types of cases.

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“As a mediator, I help people, with or without lawyers, sit down and work to resolve issues that can’t be settled otherwise. I’m straightforward, but am careful to listen to, and understand, what both parties are feeling, what they want, and why. Colorado requires that parties in a divorce, or post-divorce case mediate before appearing in court. Settlements are better for all concerned, in large part because the parties are able to fashion their settlement to address their particular needs. Judges don’t always have that ability, as their powers are limited by the law. Further, judges will get to hear each side tell their story for a few hours and that is all they will know about the situation and family about which they are making decisions which affect people’s lives and families forever. Mediation typically takes place with the two sides in separate rooms so they are more comfortable. Mediations can take place in person or via Zoom, whichever the parties desire.”

“When arbitrating cases I act as the decision-maker for whatever issues are presented. Decisions are then submitted to the court for approval by the judge before they are made orders of the court. My style is to conduct arbitrations in a somewhat less formal manner than if in court so the parties are able to present all evidence as to their side of the case and their position on the issues. Arbitration is a less expensive alternative to court, with or without lawyers, and affords the parties more leeway and time to present their case.”

During Guy’s many years of practice, he has always prided himself on being able to settle most cases without causing damage to future relationships. He has an undergraduate degree in Finance and five years of work outside the practice of law in the corporate world where Guy started the Retail Division of Crocs, Inc. from the ground up and opened over 200 stores in less than four years.. Guy understands and is comfortable dealing with complex financial issues that often arise in divorce cases. He has tried hundreds of cases in court in many counties along the Front Range involving property division, spousal maintenance, parenting time and child support.

Guy has worked as a Hearing Officer for the Boulder County Housing Authority, was named the Outstanding Young Lawyer in Boulder County (many years ago), was the Co-Chair of the Family Law Committee of the Boulder County Bar Association, twice, and was on the Boulder County Bar Association Board of Trustees, among many other volunteer law-related activities. Guy has also been active in the community over the years, doing volunteer legal work at El Comite in Longmont, is on his Homeowner’s Board of Directors, runs a golf league and volunteers at numerous free legal advice clinics.

In his spare time, Guy loves playing golf and hockey, as well as cooking, and spending time with his family outdoors, at sporting events, and at extended family get togthers. He also spends a lot of time taking the families’ two dogs on walks and to various dog parks.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.



Guy has worked as a Family Law attorney and Mediator in Colorado since 1990. He practices family law in the courts in Boulder, Adams, Broomfield, Jefferson, Denver and Larimer Counties, where he has appeared hundreds of times before the judges and magistrates seeking and achieving positive outcomes for his clients.

“Experience, understanding a client’s needs, and preparation are the keys to excellent representation in all types of cases. Clients and parties in mediation are going through a very difficult time in their lives. Understanding my clients’ particular situation, and tailoring my representation to their specific needs and circumstances is essential in providing the best representation possible, and to ensure that we obtain the most favorable outcome, whether by settlement or judicial determination.”

Areas of Practice-


Guy’s practice has been focused mostly on family law for over 30 years. This includes divorce cases, post-divorce issues, allocation of parental responsibilities, child support modifications, child support collections and the many others issues and situations that come up in family law. He also has a broad understanding of, and experience in, a wide range of other areas of the law. Guy has represented clients in personal injury, business law, real estate, and personal injury cases.





“Guy was always available to answer any questions and was able to work with my ex-wife’s attorney in a constructive and non-confrontational way resulting in an equitable settlement. I say with confidence that Guy is an ethical attorney whose primary goal is to do what is best for his client and in my case, for my children.” – R.D.

“I hired Guy as my divorce attorney after firing a different one who was much higher priced, much less responsive, and gave me some poor advice that could have ended up costing me thousands because of his lack of attention to the details of my case. Guy was reasonably priced, was responsive, paid attention to the details of my case and worked to find a solution with my ex-wife’s attorney that was a fair settlement. He didn’t inflame the situation and make it worse. He reminded me of the costs of going to trial and helped me keep things in perspective.”  D.H.

“Guy provides experienced, prompt, efficient mediation services of the highest quality at competitive rates.” M.H.

“Thank you for helping us resolve issues we never thought could be resolved outside of court.”  -B.R.

 “You are thoughtful, and I really appreciate you working with us to reach sensible solutions.  We were able to come to agreement and move forward with a positive outlook.”   -M.W.

“Guy Greenstein is an incredibly talented attorney with a knowledge base far beyond just that of divorce and child custody law. Furthermore, his innate understanding of human psychology was critical in his strategy to negotiate my complicated and contentious case. He not only was a huge comfort to me by being very realistic with all possible scenarios and every possible outcome, but he really allowed me to see clearly what my immediate goals were, as well as long term outcomes for a peaceful existence for my kids and myself dealing with my narcissistic ex.”  J.K.



“Guy is very knowledgeable on family law, and more importantly, the legal culture in domestic courtrooms. In addition, he is very down to earth. I would recommend his services.”

Matthew James
Family Attorney | Oct 10
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Guy is an excellent lawyer who spends the time and energy to get the best results for clients. He is thoughtful, intelligent and experienced. A great choice for family law!”

Erik Fischer
Family Attorney | Dec 23
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Guy and I have worked as opposing counsel on several cases over the past 15 years and we have always managed to find creative solutions for our clients and their families. For me, Guy is more than an opposing counsel – he is one of my top ‘go to’ attorneys when I’ve got a particularly difficult case or unique fact pattern. Guy is smart, straightforward and committed to effective problem solving. His business experience is particularly helpful for cases which involve multiple income streams. I endorse Guy as an attorney and have every confidence his mediation skills are equally impressive.”

Helen Towlerton
Family Attorney | Jun 10
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

“Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.”
Christian Lassen
Attorney | Sep 04
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
“I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. A brilliant, trustworthy and highly respected attorney in the legal community.”
Sean Cleary
Family Attorney | Dec 20
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community



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